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The Website Wireframe Slide Deck

White Label Guide
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Web designers:
Creating a website wireframe will save you countless revisions & profit. If your client is writing the content, this is a simple way for them to give it to you. 

Writing copy in a blank doc can feel like assembling a 1000 piece puzzle with no borders or the box cover. And even if you can picture what the copy will look like on a website, your client can't! The Wireframe Slide Deck solves both of those problems.

Check out this video of what's included and how I like to use it.

Why you need The Website Wireframe Slide Deck:
• Cuts down profit draining revision requests
• Low tech & collaborative
• No software to learn ( ex. Figma, Adobe XD )
• No monthly subscription
• Your clients will be impressed with your workflow

What’s included:
5 Header section layouts
5 Problem / stakes section layouts
5 Solutions / benefits section layouts
5 Guide sections layouts
5 Plan sections layouts
5 Brag bar section layouts
5 Testimonial section layouts
5 Service / packages layouts
5 Overcoming objection section layouts
5 Lead generator sections layouts
5 Footer section layouts

15 additional sections for About / internal pages

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The Website Wireframe Slide Deck

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